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Dr. Francisco S. Pardo, MD, PC
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House Call Docs, Inc. is one of the only home visit physician companies in San Diego that provides primary care PCP services by Board Certified general practitioners, but also specialty boarded certified physicians.  We evaluate patients in the home, residential care facilities and provide concierge services at hotels, office, and alternate locations convenient to you. 

The majority of our general practitioners are specialty boarded, allowing for a multimodal management of the multiple medical problems afflicting the patient.  With an 
all-star team featuring physicians trained at John's Hopkins, Harvard, UCSF,  Scripps, Stanford among others. Our physicians are uniquely trained clinicians with diverse backgrounds all up to date on the latest in medical diagnoses and treatment.  

Our team always takes pride in teaching area physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and many medical technology students across our county through our detailed training program.  We truly are the team to trust!

Dr. Francisco Pardo, MD, PC,  Owner/Founder
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