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Dr. Francisco S. Pardo, MD, PC
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Our unique total care services:
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Our doctors are primary care practitioners and specialists who evaluate patients in the clinic, at the home, and at skilled nursing facilities. We specialize in the global home health model-making that transition from the hospital to home and keeping you at home. At House Call Docs, Inc., we formulate monthly treatment plans for all patients and encourage you to come to the clinic if and when you are willing and able. Most importantly, our practitioners are compassionate and love what they do best-taking care of you. Presently, we have specialists in internal medicine, pain management, cardiology, infectious diseases, psychiatry/psychology, ophthalmology, hospice and palliative medicine.  
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The Medical Home Model:
An invitation into your home is a privilege, and we take it as such. With the advent of portable technologies, most of the services provided in the typical clinic or urgent care setting can be conducted efficiently, effectively, and incorporated into your treatment plan on site. X-ray and ultrasound services as well as laboratory studies can also be provided in the home. Our specialists conduct initial evaluations at home as well, and tailor more individualized treatment plans, including minor surgery, at the home or residential care setting. Our colleagues who are home health practitioners including physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, and clinical aides integrate into our multidisciplinary team and our key components of the 
Medical Home Model.

Clinic Services:
In addition to residential and home settings, many patients chose to be seen at our outpatient facilities, or a combination of both. As you are willing and able, evaluation at our outpatient clinic is encouraged and facilitated on a case by case basis. Although most patients who are non- or poorly ambulatory wish to be evaluated and treated at home, activity is encouraged and many are seen at both home and/or clinic, or simply desire to become outpatients as their health permits. The clinic areas have specialists including gastroenterology, pain medicine, infectious diseases, and psychiatry among others.

Concierge Services:
Away on a business trip and desiring medical services in the comfort of your hotel or other place of lodging? Our concierge services, provide quick and efficient access to state of the art healthcare when you’re on the go. Feeling dehydrated or extremely tired after office/other functions, hydration and IV services, at your home, hotel, or office, including vitamins and minerals, are available. For executives desiring physicals exams and treatment at the company office or elsewhere, our mobile technologies are particularly convenient and cost effective.

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